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Eowyn Ivey

Eowyn Ivey

Eowyn Ivey (f.1973) är född och uppvuxen i Alaska, där hon fortfarande bor med sin man och två döttrar. Hon är utbildad journalist och har skrivit för olika tidningar och tidskrifter i Alaska.

Idag arbetar hon i en bokhandel, och där stötte hon på Freya Littledales berättelse om snöflickan, som bygger på en rysk folksaga. Historien fascinerade henne och gav inspirationen till Snöbarnet, som är hennes första roman. Den har översatts till över 20 språk, utkommit i fler än 30 länder och legat på NY Times bestsellerlista. Eowyn Ivey tilldelades det prestigefyllda National Book Award i Storbritannien som bästa utländska författare.

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  • 2017-08-15 15:11:34 Eowyn Ivey
    RT @siberian_times: Fox cubs spotted by Ekaterina Reshetnikova in Beringia National Park, Chukotka

  • 2017-08-14 03:47:22 Eowyn Ivey
    Countdown to the paperback release of Bright Edge -- isn't the cover beautiful?

  • 2017-08-13 00:50:58 Eowyn Ivey
    RT @littlebrown: Sign up for our book club hub—you could win 10 copies of @EowynIvey's TO THE BRIGHT EDGE OF THE WORLD, totes + more! https…

  • 2017-08-08 00:39:44 Eowyn Ivey
    How wonderful to have Bright Edge evoke one of my favorite books of all time!!

  • 2017-08-01 17:10:30 Eowyn Ivey
    RT @littlebrown: We're giving away 10 x @EowynIvey's TO THE BRIGHT EDGE OF THE WORLD + 10 totes for you + yr booknerd friends. Enter: https…

  • 2017-07-31 06:47:01 Eowyn Ivey
    Just finished Golden Hill - best novel I've read in ages! Had delightful sadness you get when you read very last page of a terrific book.

  • 2017-07-30 17:30:26 Eowyn Ivey
    Funny, 2 books I'm reading & loving, GOLDEN HILL & LESS, both have word I didn't know before. Spoony: sentimentally or foolishly amorous

  • 2017-07-28 07:19:30 Eowyn Ivey
    RT @Waterstones: 'There is something delicious about writing the first words of a story...' - Beatrix Potter, born #OnThisDay in 1866 #Frid…

  • 2017-07-25 22:26:46 Eowyn Ivey
    So enjoyed @VSKemanis thoughtful questions abt Bright Edge. I think writers sometimes read w different eyes, see wh…

  • 2017-07-19 19:52:59 Eowyn Ivey
    Congratulations to fellow Alaskan writer @planet_alaska!!

  • 2017-07-19 19:35:08 Eowyn Ivey
    Coming out in paperback Aug 29 ... (I love LOVE this gif from @littlebrown)

  • 2017-07-08 06:02:35 Eowyn Ivey
    RT @SheaErnshaw: This is now my new favorite thing.

  • 2017-07-04 16:34:36 Eowyn Ivey
    RT @gibbsne: Happy publication day to Ian Stansel and his marvelous debut novel, THE LAST COWBOYS OF SAN GERONIMO!

  • 2017-06-28 18:25:24 Eowyn Ivey
    Brilliant! How do we capture complex beauty & ugliness of a place? Like this.

  • 2017-06-28 06:09:53 Eowyn Ivey
    RT @julielemay: When the vet said my dog was an easy keeper, I had to google the phrase. Now I think I've found my spirit animal. @EowynIve…

  • 2017-06-19 17:27:43 Eowyn Ivey
    RT @cj_freestone: Just started reading To the Bright Edge of the World by @EowynIvey - hats off to everyone involved for producing FOUR ama…

  • 2017-06-17 21:50:22 Eowyn Ivey
    RT @arenastage: Featuring a score that combines Alaskan bluegrass-band traditions and contemporary musical theater.…